Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Airbnb’s policy for communicating with guests?

Airbnb asks that hosts respond to guest messages and enquiries within 24 hours; the quicker the better. 

If a guest requests to stay at your property, Airbnb gives you 24 hours to accept (or decline) the request before it expires. This means that a speedy response time is vital when it comes to accepting booking requests.. If you miss a request, Airbnb suggests you offer the potential guest a special offer, and ask them to re-send their booking request. 

If a guest enquires about your property, Airbnb again asks hosts to respond within 24 hours. The difference here is that the enquire won’t expire, but a slow response will significantly reduce your response time rating. In turn, Airbnb openly states this will lower your property’s position in search results. Alongside this, a quick response means your potential guest is more likely to book as they’re already interested, but want more information first. Similarly, Airbnb advises that hosts can send a special offer to entice those enquiring, and also send a direct invitation to book.

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