Frequently Asked Questions:

Why am I seeing multiple charges in my bank account each month?

To ensure suppliers are paid promptly, services such as cleaning and laundry are charged on an individual basis via your registered credit or debit card. This means you can expect to see the following transactions in your bank account:

1. Credits for each Airbnb reservation (inclusive of cleaning and laundry fees which have been paid for by the guest)

2. Debited charges for individual payments to cleaning and laundry providers.

Please note: even though you see a withdrawal from your account, you are not paying the cleaning or laundry fees - this money has already been paid to you by the guest as part of your payment deposit.

1. Month-end direct debit for payment of Houst management fees.

We send you summary emails of all reservation-related transactions and month-end Houst management fee charges. You can also view additional details anytime in the "Billing section of your host dashboard.

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