Frequently Asked Questions:

What if a guest arrives later than planned?

We always require guests to provide their check-in time prior to arrival as part of the booking process so that we can ensure they are able to access the property. We ask all guests to keep us updated on their check-in time if any unforeseen circumstances shold arise such as a delayed flight.

Most properties have a self-check-in access (usually a lockbox) because they’re a flexible, secure way to let guests check in 24/7.

Lockboxes might not be suitable for all properties. As such, we are partnered with Keynest, a reliable access solution which allows guests to collect keys from nearby locations such as convenience stores.

In the event that the nearest Keynest location is not 24-hours, we will find a solution for guests who have a late check-in such as moving the keys to another 24-hour Keynest location, setting up a temporary lockbox or arranging a Welcome Wizard. If a Welcome Wizard is required, guests may be required to pay a late check-in fee, however this is always noted clearly in the listing so guests are aware prior to booking.

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